Apple Mail to Thunderbird Export – Most Persistent Problems Solved

Moving the email data from Apple Mail to Thunderbird is a tricky job. If you are going to do it manually, the challenges involved are enormous. And even if you employ some freeware or ordinary tools, you are going to face many setbacks and frustrating problems.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird export means the transfer of emails database and other items stored in Apple Mail database to Thunderbird’s database. Since, both email clients work differently and have entirely different programming; the data is stored differently as well. The files in Apple Mail and Thunderbird have different extension, and it gets very complicated to extract the data from Apple Mail files and convert it into Thunderbird.

Here are some of the most common problems with Apple Mail to Thunderbird export-

Accidental Loss of files

More often than not, Apple Mail to Thunderbird export results in data loss, where you would find many of your entire files just lost or deleted permanently. This is a result of heaviness of the process itself, which might lead to load, or the files might vulnerable even to small effects; like virus or malware attack or hard ware failure.


Most of the Apple Mail to Thunderbird export methods are very complex and involve a lot of manual steps or intervention. Many individuals do not have the time or money or other resources to invest in learning or simplifying the complex process. For many years, a simple, few-step, and an automatic tool have been in high demand.


Another major concern that comes up frequently in Apple Mail to Thunderbird export is the instability of the migration tools. Instability here refers to the sluggishness of the tool. Many of them are highly unstable, freeze during heavy conversions, crash, or just stop responding. Such a problem persists heavily during the conversion of Apple Mail to Thunderbird when the database is huge.

Half solutions

Many software solutions do not offer full, comprehensive, and thorough services. Users might have to employ some other third party tools for the remaining tasks. For example, the ordinary tools fail to convert items other than emails.

No Professional Help

Since migration industry is not vast, there is a scarcity of professional info on the topic such as Apple Mail to Thunderbird export. Even with expensive software solutions, users feel stuck at many points during the process, and have no one to support.

Are you intimidated by all the problems stated above? If you are looking for Apple Mail to Thunderbird export, you must be anxious and looking for a better solution.

There is something that has to be clarified right now. Yes – the process is risky and not that easy, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Moreover, the problems stated above are not the only problems. There are many more. Such as-

  • Data Accuracy
  • Data integrity issues
  • Slow conversion speed
  • Long and confusing conversion process
  • Tricky installation
  • Confusing interface
  • Confusing setup and initial configuration
  • Multi-step wizard

But the good news is, in spite of the worldwide known nuisances of this migration process, there is a product that has finally solved essentially all the issues and settled the anxiety users always had during Apple Mail to Thunderbird export.

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The free version would allow you to convert 10 files from Apple Mail to Thunderbird from each folder, without any restriction to other features. What’s more? Mail Extractor Max can also perform the following conversion successfully-

  • Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac
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  • Convert EMLX to EML file format

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