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Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

Want to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST accurately? Then you have landed at the perfect place. Below we have recommended the best Apple Mail to PST converter that is exactly what you need.

What is MBOX and PST?

MBOX and PST are data files associated with Apple Mail and Windows Outlook. However, the difference is that MBOX is a generic archived file compatible with many email clients. And PST is a raw data file native to Windows Outlook. The .mbox file packages that Apple Mail stores data in natively aren’t standard MBOX files. If you want to store Apple Mail data to standard MBOX files, you need to go through the manual archive process using the import/export in-built feature.

Why can’t we use MBOX in Windows Outlook?

Because MBOX file is not compatible with Windows Outlook. Outlook supports only PST (and OST) natively, any other file won’t be readable. It’s unfortunate because MBOX is otherwise a generic file format that most clients and programs use these days. Therefore, to move emails and other items like contacts and calendar data, you have to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST.

How to Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST?

Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion can be quite daunting. The primary reason behind that is the job isn’t manual. You need a tool, a converter, to extract contents from MBOX file and convert them into PST files. It also needs to be accurate lest you lost the details during migration, which can be quite painful.

Why is MBOX to PST Conversion so difficult?

Because it requires a highly advanced algorithm to process data from two very dissimilar data files. And mostly, MBOX is an archived data file which means it doesn’t store data in a raw format. It can be quite tedious for any software solution to get around the archived and compressed contents.

And the other reason why MBOX to PST converters aren’t powerful enough to convert data accurately is the complexity of emails in today’s world. Emails no longer serve only one purpose and that is to send a string of text across different networks. They have become quite complex in their overall purpose. You can now share files as attachments, embed images, Word docs, excel sheets, compose your message using HTML, and so on. Extracting data from such a body of complex information can become tricky.

So, what’s the solution if converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST is so difficult?

The answer is simple – “Mail Extractor Pro“.

convert apple mail mbox to pst

It’s a complete email migration utility from USL Software that offers great solution to migrate your emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, distribution lists, and essentially everything from Apple Mail to Windows Outlook. It converts data the entire Mail database into Outlook compatible PST files.

But here’s the difference – it doesn’t need MBOX or EMLX or any other data file manually selected by you. It can autoload the identity/profile directory (usually stored inside users’ library folder). The conversion in this way becomes highly accurate, quick, and easy.

It’s a revolutionary way to migrate day, as opposed to the traditional way of converting Apple Mail MBOX to PST. The tool offers the manual MBOX to PST conversion as well, for those who need it in special circumstances but it is not usually recommended.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the link below to download the free trial version. You will instantly be surprised by how friendly, quick, and accurate “Mail Extractor Pro” is. The free trial version allows you to check out all the features for up to ten items within each folder inside Apple Mail database.

Get your copy here: