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Convert Apple Mail to Outlook – Here’s the Best Approach That Serves All Users!

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook like a pro. Here’s what you need.

Apple Mail and Outlook are two email clients for Mac and Windows respectively. Both are pretty efficient and productive in helping you deal with emails and other information. But when you have to switch from Apple Mail to Outlook, it can get pretty rough.

And it’s not surprising either. Both email clients have nice set of features, but to expect something that would help you switch over to some other program is not reasonable. Therefore, if you do have to change your client from Apple Mail to Outlook, you have to rely on third-party tools.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

What is indeed surprising that, in spite of many users switching their email clients, we still do not have proper tools to assist them in doing so without falling into traps like data loss. Apple Mail to Outlook conversion is very common among users, but the lack of decent software solutions that are not customized for particular set of needs but rather suits everyone can be surprising.

However, that’s not the case anymore, with the exceptional support of USL Software.

Converting Apple Mail to Outlook Using USL Software’s Excellent Tool

USL Software has been in the business of moving thousands of emails of large corporations and of basic home users. Their long line of products assists everyone equally in making a switch between their desktop email clients without causing troubles with data integrity. And now, they have come up with another software solution, this time making the job of converting Apple Mail to Outlook a breeze.

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro” and is compatible with Mac 10.6 OS X till Sierra. It’s one of the very few Apple Mail converters that work directly in Mac. And there’s a very good reason for that.

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Convert Apple Mail to Outlook With ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

Most Apple Mail to Outlook PST converters require MBOX files. So, a user has to manually export his or her data in MBOX file and then use that file with the converter in Windows PC. There’s no need to do that in Mac. But with “Mail Extractor Pro” you get an excellent feature that can only work in Mac. And in doing so, USL Software has managed to refine all aspects of this email migration that weren’t possible with ordinary Windows solutions.

Instead of MBOX files, “Mail Extractor Pro” can automatically load data directly from the profile folder of Apple Mail. It happens in just one click: choose ‘auto-load’ instead of ‘custom’ and all of your Apple Mail data is up for conversion in just a few minutes.

Directly targeting the source also boosts data accuracy and protects the integrity down to a single byte. None of items can be lost or converted with flaws with advanced algorithms of “Mail Extractor Pro.” It also has dedicated logic to handle complex items like folder hierarchy, non-English characters, images, and so on.

And the part that makes it a perfect fit for IT use is its support for large databases. Some unique features in making the experience flawless. And USL Software managed to create an interface through which even a general user without heavy requirement can use the tool effortlessly. You get best of both worlds!

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Get free trial to convert Apple Mail to Outlook

So, get started with the free trial version now. Just download the setup now and you can start converting Apple mail to Outlook within few minutes.

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