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The only tool that you need to convert MBOX to PST Format

If you are looking to convert MBOX to PST Format then you must be definitely looking for a tool that can make your task easy. According to my research, there are no such ways of manual conversion to convert MBOX to PST Format. Hence it is important that you have a tool which can first help you convert your files from Apple Mail to PST Format.

When you want to convert MBOX to PST Format the biggest challenge that you face is first getting your Apple mails MBOX files. And the other is to then convert it successfully into PST file format. To convert convert MBOX to PST Format tool that is available in the market is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool is excellent in performing the conversion of MBOX to PST Format.

Which tool do you need to convert MBOX to PST Format?

Converting MBOX to PST Format needs accuracy. Also to convert MBOX to PST Format it is not always necessary that you need to have a MBOX file archive. You can also use this tool to extract your files from Apple email.

convert mbox to pst

Automatic conversion that eliminates manual work

Yes, you read it right it is not necessary to always have a MBOX file archive to convert your Apple email to PST Format. Apart from this feature it also has many other features and encased in itself to make your experience nice one when converting MBOX to PST Format. Here are the few features that this converter for MBOX to PST Format has

  • This tool offers a smooth and speedy data flow to convert MBOX to PST Format. This means in a fraction of time you can easily convert your large data files into PST file format.
  • To convert MBOX to PST Format you need to have small segments of PST output files. The reason being large PST files do not easily get uploaded on Format. Hence a splitter facility is available with this tool to segment your large output PST into small size files.
  • It also offers batch conversion where you can upload multiple MBOX files for converting MBOX to PST Format. This makes the process faster and makes your experience less frustrating.
  • The data available on the emails are not always in text file format. There are also other file formats that are attached to a particular Apple mail. Hence, It must be able to convert Metadata too.

Get a free trial of the tool

USL software offers a free trial version for this too. You can download the free trial version from their official website to convert MBOX to PST Format. On this trial version, you will get all the features that you would get on a purchased version. This way you are completely aware of what you are buying.

convert mbox to pst format

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro to convert MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows (*.pst).

The full version comes with unlimited benefits

After using the trial version once you make up your mind to convert MBOX to PST Format using this tool you can always purchase it on the website. You can go for different packages depending on the usage and need of yours. When you purchase a package you also get added benefit of lifetime membership and a free update for a lifetime