Convert Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail – Your Questions Answered

What’s the best way to convert Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail?

You may have read many solutions on internet about convert Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail, but most of them are really challenging for a average computer use to employ. Moreover, they are not accurate, quick enough, or even trustable to produce the results. That’s why, the best way to do that is through “Pst Extractor Pro”. It converts the Pst files from Windows Outlook into Mbox files for Mac Mail.

Is it easy to use, “Pst Extractor Pro”?

It is incredibly easy. Most of the solutions or methods that are suggested on internet to move your emails from Windows Outlook to Apple Mail are incredibly tough. In that light, “Pst Extractor Pro” comes a sigh of relief. The developers have made “Pst Extractor Pro” comprised of just one screen to make things easier for you.

How exactly to use it?

It is very simple. Click on “Load” and load your Pst files that you have stored in your system. The program then shows you all the folders inside the files, and you can select them or deselect them for conversion. Next, choose the output format as “Apple Mail, Mbox”, and the tool will convert the data into Mbox format.

I am concerned about few of the data elements in my Outlook? Will this tool be able to save them?

Pst Extractor Pro” is built for the 100% precision in data migration. It has the ability to go deep into the Pst files form Outlook and extract every single piece of information. For instance, your images embedded within email body, email attachments, nested messages, properties of emails, etc. All of it will be converted thoroughly.

I receive emails from my Chinese clients in regular basis? Will all those emails in Chinese language will be lost?

Fortunately, NO. “Pst Extractor Pro” supports all languages in the most effective manner. It has a Unicode text system that can preserve even the characters like Chinese and Korean, that are double-byte characters.

I’ve heard that the structure of email folders generally is lost. Will that also be the case with “Pst Extractor Pro”?

Most tools find it hard to keep the folder hierarchy same. But “Pst Extractor Pro‘ has the special data conversion algorithm that  can keep the order of your folders and sub-folders same.

How much time does it take to complete the migration?

It depends on the size of Pst file that is being converted., and the configuration of your own system. But “Pst Extractor Pro” under normal situations can give the speed of almost 1GB/10 minutes.

Where can I download it?

Here is the link ( the free trial version. The free trial version will limit the conversion to 10 items from each folder, but will let you use all the features.

Is there any support?

Yes, you can contact the support team any time 24×7 and they will help you sort our your issue in the most effective way possible.

convert Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

To convert Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail, Download PST Extractor Pro today.