Convert Offline Storage Table to Personal Storage Table

Convert ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST)

How to Convert ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST)?

If you have been having a bad day trying to recover your missing data from Windows Outlook ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) files or converting those to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST) files, OST Extractor Pro is your savior tool, without a doubt. It can handle large sized files with ease. The tool saves you on a tremendous wait time, while ensuring protection of your personal data.

Convert ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST)

Unlike other tools in the market, the OST Extractor Pro tool bids a special inbuilt feature of unique algorithms for decoding bulky files and converts in to PST in a sound construct. So you’ve got your valuable time and network safety covered.

A common problem faced while dealing with other such tools is that some of them do not sustain all formats of OST files; but OST Extractor Pro saves you that headache too. No matter what the source of your file is, it supports them all as well as handles text formats from all languages.

The genius aspect of this tool’s modelling is that it runs for both Mac and Windows Microsoft Outlook. It is capable of dealing with files that cover careful detailing and has a user friendly-interface for easy maneuvering. So, whether it is a simple or complex file that has been quashing your patience, OST Extractor Pro can tackle them all.

How to Convert ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST)

Convert ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST)

OST Extractor Pro is a definite one stop tool to cater the needs of both personal and professional setting looking for leading – edge conversions. The user is simply required to follow some simple steps, as instructed. You can readily import the converted PST file into MAC Outlook or Windows Outlook over across versions.

The records of its highlights may go on and on. And that is not all. Based on your requirements, you can also recover data. It can convert into other more generic and standard formats like: MBOX file, EML file, and or Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

Normally, a tool that can migrate the any form of data, e.g. the email data, runs the risk of losing the order of arrangement of the files, and that poses a huge problem when you have to actually use your emails on a later stage. Only ‘OST Extractor Pro’ tool offers you the precise mapping of the folders that keeps the hierarchy in order. It doesn’t lose or replace or make changes to any folder at all. Hence you get your material, just as you intended to save it.

It is up to you to manually select a particular set of folders only, if you do not mean to shift and convert all mails to PST version. This feature is a boon for professional set up, with value for convenience and flexibility of use too.

What more, the tool comes with a 24 x 7 customer support service, for situations if you ever fall into a setback or query.

Get it to Convert ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST)

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OST Extractor Pro available for both Mac & Windows. Download to Convert ‘Offline Storage Table’ (OST) to ‘Personal Storage Table’ (PST).