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Converting Olm to Thunderbird doesn’t have to so difficult as it appears. Most users feel the dread of data loss even before attempting. In this post, you will get to know a convenient solution to move emails, contacts, tasks, and other entries from Outlook (through Olm file) to Thunderbird, without any data corruption or integrity loss.

Convert olm to thunderbird“Olm Extractor Pro” is an Olm file converter that does the overall job of successful migration of email data, offering clear and step-by-step instructions through efficient GUI, and many other distinct features.

Here are the top three qualities primarily responsible to make it the best Olm converter, not just with computer experts, but for a complete beginner as well.

  • Cares about email organization and makes it easy for users

Often times, after a tool convert Olm to Thunderbird, it become a nuisance to make sense of the data as the folders are inadvertently modified and shuffled during the file conversion. With “Olm Extractor Pro”, you would get the same folder hierarchy as it was originally with Outlook 2011 (Olm files), regardless of the number of folders, or additional sub-folders inside a folder, or how deep or complicated was your folder hierarchy. It makes the converted Thunderbird files look mirror copy of Olm files.

Additionally, it not only preserves the read/unread status of emails but also keeps the read emails and unread emails on a separate folder.

  • Cares about the data integrity

The tool is programmed with meticulously thought logic — a logic based on deep scanning of Olm files to extract everything thoroughly and feed it all into new Thunderbird files. It does so without having to experience any data irregularities in the converted files, such as broken images inside emails, and loss of non-English characters. Other important data attributes that it safely brings to Thunderbird files otherwise lost by ordinary converters are –

  • Attachments
  • embedded details of emails (to, cc, bcc, subject, from, etc.)
  • folder structure
  • graphics inside an email body (images, graphs, pie charts, etc.)
  • Cares about time

Everything falls short with seemingly “great” tools because they tend to take overwhelming number of hours to finish the job. “Olm Extractor Pro” employs the fastest conversion mechanism that allows converting Olm to Thunderbird in the shortest time possible, close to 1GB/10min speed, which is significantly faster than the industry accepted norm.

What’s more satisfying for a busy user is the ability of the tool to speed up the data conversion without making any effect on computer performance. Even with huge Olm files, it would take almost 60% lesser time than the most of the tools, and even without overloading your processor or influencing other running programs.

To put it all in perspective, simply load up your Olm files, choose the folders you want to convert, and click ‘next’. By the time you are back from a tea break (even sooner for most of the users having regular sized Olm files), you would have got your Thunderbird files ready, acutely similar to the source, without a single data anomaly, corruption or loss of it.

OLM Extractor Pro designed to convert OLM to Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Postbox, MBOX, EML file format.