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Convert Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac / Windows

USL Software is the company well known for many email migration tools that usually have a different approach than the rest of the industry. That always results in solutions for the users to migrate data with the ease and without worrying about inaccuracy and data integrity loss.

But before I get into this solution from USL Software, here’s the summary of what this email migration task is all about.

Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac / Windows migration has been a bit of a puzzle for everyone involved for quite a long time. If you too have to convert your emails from Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac, you might be worried as well.

One of the best features of Thunderbird is that it can be used with any platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, it appears that if you are using it in Mac, it may be easy to directly export Outlook 2011 emails into the client without any outside application required.

Unfortunately not.

One of the methods that many people use is by dragging the folders from Outlook 2011 into the Mac desktop, which turns the files into MBOX files. Then, you can import them back to Thunderbird.

However, it is one of the best ways if you want to drain countless hours and if you don’t worry about certain type of data components. Because, this drag and drop technique requires you to manually drag each folder from Outlook 2011; therefore, it is quite unpractical for larger migration projects. It also doesn’t do anything about contacts and calendar data (works only for emails). And finally, even the emails aren’t properly formatted for MBOX files. You might see countless defects and deformities. The loss of the data fidelity renders this approach inefficient.

Best Way to Convert Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac / Windows

That leaves us with a third-party file converter, that can convert OLM files into Thunderbird files. And this is where USL Software changes the whole game.

Through a rigorous process of programming the advanced algorithms to extract information, USL Software managed to create an Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac converter that makes the job much easier and accurate.

The converter is called “OLM Extractor Pro” and it is available to download here. You can use it in a free trial mode to check out all the features and everything.

Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac

Here is a brief list of its features:

  • It allows you to load multiple OLM files for converting them to Thunderbird Mac in bulk. No effect on other factors, such as accuracy and data-rate.
  • Excellent buffer modules for improving the data-rate (speed) to ten times quicker than previously accepted norms.
  • Complete suite for Outlook 2011 migration: You can also convert data to Apple Mail, EML files, Postbox, Entourage, etc.
  • Dedicated scripts enabling the full support for non-English characters including the ones with double-byte sets.
  • Works completely offline, eliminating any threat to hacking and virus attacks. No need for external add-ons, plugins, or any such thing.
  • 100% data conversion ability, ensuring no metadata, headers, images, attachments, or other components are lost during the transition.
  • Works for S/MIME encyrpted emails too.
  • Doesn’t change the hierarchy of your email folders.
  • Allows you to save the converted read and unread emails into separate folders.
  • Merges contacts from a single folder into a single VCF file, as opposed to individual VCF files for a single contact.
  • Merges all calendar entries from a single folder into a single ICS file.
  • In-depth report for large migration projects to help advanced users make the most out of it in repeated conversions.

Download to Convert Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac or Windows

USL Software is currently the most recognized source of best email migration tools. “OLM Extractor Pro” is one of their applications for Mac that gives you the best way for converting Outlook 2011 to Thunderbird Mac.

Get the trial version now: http://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

convert outlook 2011 to thunderbird mac

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