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Free PST to MBOX Conversion Using Trial Version of “PST Extractor Pro”

“PST Extractor Pro” by USL Software is available to download as a free pst to mbox trial version. It converts ten items per folder. If you are satisfied, you can activate the full version by buying a paid license.

The tool is built thoughtfully to fix all the common problems associated in general with PST to MBOX conversion. Such as:

  • Loss of folder hierarchy
  • Loss of Non-English text
  • Slow Conversion speed
  • No support for conversion in bulk
  • Loss of data integrity
  • …and

Through the use of smart technology, USL Software has managed to keep all kinds of problems stated above at bay. The accurate migration will keep your data safe and migration complete. Technologies like in-depth scan, multi-step scan, repeated construction and analysis of data, and thorough last-step check makes it possible for the tool to convert data correctly.

And in spite of thorough conversion, there is in fact faster rate of conversion. The tool runs almost 30 times quicker than the other typical converters.

Flexibility in PST to MBOX Conversion

And if you are going with free PST to MBOX converters, you are even more restricted.

Even majority of the paid converters are rigid. They are simply converters that do the task of converting the files. And even then, they don’t do it properly.

On the other hand, “PST Extractor Pro” offers a lot of flexibility. It is not a converter, but an application that helps move your data like a professional.

For instance:

  • You can choose to convert and save the read and unread emails in separate folders in MBOX files.
  • You can set a maximum limit of MBOX file. The tool will create more files if required, but will keep the size of the file limited. This makes it easier to import them to Mac Mail later on.
  • There is an option to merge all the contacts to a single VCF file, and all the calendar entries to a single ICS file. If you don’t choose this option, every contacts and calendar entry will be converted to separate VCF and ICS files respectively.
  • You can unselect some particular folders if you don’t want to convert them.
  • You can automatically ignore all the empty folders from the conversion.

Support for Conversion of All The Items

Often while converting these data files, a program will leave out certain items that it does not support. We covered this feature above in brief, but it needs a bit more explaining.

There are items such as non-English text and S/MIME define content that many converters don’t have the ability to deal with. So they are left out of the conversion. They are not converted into final MBOX files.

Here are some of the elements of PST files that usually are not converted or converted partially to MBOX files:

  • Non-English content
  • Folder Hierarchy
  • Metadata and headers
  • Sender Details
  • Status of emails like read/unread, delivered, seen, flagged, etc.
  • Timestamps and date
  • Email Attachments
  • S/MIME defined content
  • Password protected PST files

All of these in the list above are converted without a single issue by “PST Extractor Pro.”

Free PST to MBOX Conversion as a Trial

The trial version will let you convert the files. It will convert only ten items each folder. Besides that, there are no restrictions to any of the features.


free pst to mbox
free pst to mbox conversion

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