Freeware OST to PST Conversion tool

Freeware OST to PST Conversion Tool – Easy to Use and Highly Accurate!

Freeware OST to PST Conversion tool

OST to PST conversion often takes a lot of efforts. Even the top professionals in an IT department find the job tedious and can end up with fragmented and damaged files. This is mostly because of the complexity of emails these and the difference between both files.

A large number of freeware OST to PST conversion tool are nothing more than a file converter, but to actually pull it off, you need more than that. The tool has to be a complete package built with all the considerations in mind. Such that, what about large and bulk OST to PST conversion needs of many users? How will it deal with the non-English characters encoded using standards like DBCS or UTF-8?

Such concerns or challenges are never handled proficiently by majority of software providers, and you end up with half-attempts at converting these files.

Freeware OST to PST Conversion tool

But do not worry. That’s why this article is published so you can find out what’s the best approach and where you can find the best freeware OST to PST conversion tool.

We are not about to send you off on your massive quest of looking for such profess9inoal and perfect tool, becu7ase that part of the job has been done by us already.

Are you ready to convert OST to PST like a true professional and without too much efforts and still end up with highly accurate files?

You need “OST Extractor Pro.”

Best OST to PST Conversion Tool

Now, at the first glance, “OST Extractor Pro” looks just like other ordinary tools, but under the surface, it is far better than those tools and eventually can be considered as a whole new way of converting the files. It has created another new category of email migration tools because of all the eccentric, non-traditional, but highly effective way of converting these data files.

OST to PST conversion

All the credit goes to the developers of the tool, from USL Software, the same provider that is now well known for plenty of the email migration tools.

OST to PST conversion tool

You can download the tool below. It’s for the test trial version of OST to PST conversion tool, but you can check out all the features without restrictions. It converts ten items per folder and give you access to get your hands wet and yourself comfortable with its interface., You will realize that it is more than just another file converter. It’s actually a complete package equipped with everything you need in one place.

The best way to try all the features out is to download it and give it a go.

In a nutshell, the best features are:

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  • to convert data accurately, including metadata, non-English text, headers, folder hierarchy, and more
  • It allows splitting of large PST files
  • Fast conversion rate
  • Allows batch conversion
  • 24×7 customer support
  • User-friendly interface


Download Freeware OST to PST Conversion Tool

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