add Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

How to add Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail easily

There are few ways you can add Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail but many of those involved certain manual methods which are very complicated. Even for a computer expert, it could take a lot of time and efforts to pull it successfully. And even then, the transfer could be very inaccurate and data can get corrupted.

How to add Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

The best solution is to go for a third party program that offers Pst to Mbox migration. “PST Extractor Pro” is one of the best solutions for that, and anyone can use it easily. Some of the data transfer cases can be done using manual methods, but if you have more than a few folders to transfer, it could be very tedious to not use PST Extractor Pro or other similar programs.

add Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

PST Extractor Pro” utilizes the latest data extraction logic for PST to Mbox migration purposes. The result is a very fast and accurate emails, contacts, and calendar data transfer from Outlook to Apple Mail. It is basically a file converter, in which you have to load your PST files. Which the tool then converts to Mbox, without any data incongruities.

Very high accuracy, meaning it converts almost everything.

While many tools leave out the deeply saved bits of data, “PST Converter Pro” reaches reaches everywhere, scans, and extracts every component thoroughly. For instance, the information about the structure (order or hierarchy) of your folders are hard to preserve during the extraction. But, “PST Extractor Pro” can! Here are some more attributes that the tool will preserve.

  • properties of emails as read or unread
  • header info of emails (To, From, etc)
  • inserted images within email body
  • other embedded objects (graphics, charts, word docs, excel sheets)


One reason of anxiety during such task is the expected amount of time required. Most of the methods take countless hours to add Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail.

PST Extractor Pro” has challenged that, too. The sophisticated and intricate structure of coding establishes a smooth path for conversion that results in no lags or halts of any kind. Thus, producing faster speeds than ever produced before.

Try It Free add Microsoft Outlook to Mac Mail

It is better to find it out yourself what all possibilities it holds.

However, you might still find yourself at doubt. It is hard to believe anything right ahead, specially in the internet sphere. Therefore, company provides you a completely free trial version that you can download.

The trial version is downloadable from here. And it does not need any information from you of any kind, such as, credit card details, email ID, etc. Simply download and run in your computer in 2 steps.