how to convert olm to apple mail

Convert OLM to Apple Mail While Evading the Total Chaos to Data Fidelity!

This post will tell you how to convert OLM files to Apple Mail without inflicting harm to your data integrity. Convert data and keep all the original details from corruption or modification. Find out how to map the exact data from OLM to Apple Mail, with the same structure, hierarchy, metadata, and other minute components.

NOTE: What is OLM to Apple Mail conversion? It’s the most common and effective method to move Mac Outlook emails to Apple Mail, where OLM is a data file for Mac Outlook. We need to convert OLM files rather than directly importing because Apple Mail can’t read/detect files with OLM extension.

What is the Problem With OLM to Apple Mail Conversion

So, this brings us to the question how to convert OLM to Apple Mail so that the entirety of database is converted unequivocally for every data component. OLM file conversion is the most common method, but the result depends on which converter you use for conversion.

Since OLM file has nothing common with how Apple Mail operates, extracting information in the correct manner can be tedious and complex. If a tool lacks prudence and attention to details, your data might be heavily fragmented at the end of the day in Apple Mail client.

“OLM Extractor Pro” – Most Accurate OLM to Apple Mail Migration!

This prudence and attention to every data detail is what makes “OLM Extractor Pro” the ideal choice for OLM to Apple Mail conversion.

how to convert olm to apple mail

It’s a powerful email migration utility for Mac users developed by USL Software that contains the absolute front-line algorithms to keep the data integrity in check during conversion. The multiple layers of dedicated logic ensures the most clean conversion program that you could get for OLM to Apple Mail conversion.

USL Software has managed to pull off more than what you’d expect. They not only developed a powerful algorithm that protects the data fidelity, but also incorporated few additional features and options that would make conversion more productive and convenient:-

  • Filtering folders according to mails, contacts, or calendar data for easily selecting the specific folders you want to convert
  • One-click option to dismiss all empty folders from output
  • Saving read and unread emails in different folders
  • Merging contacts in a single VCF file per folder
  • Merging calendar entries in a single ICS file per folder
  • More options to convert OLM file than just Apple Mail (such as: Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX, and EML files)
  • Brief log report for quick analysis, and in-depth log report for further detailed analysis (especially helpful in substantially large migration projects)
  • Support for non-English languages too, including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (because these languages use DBCS sets for encoding, it is usually tricky for other ordinary tools)
  • Exact folder mapping from OLM to Apple Mail, preserving the hierarchy of your folders
  • Smooth data extraction and flow, massively improving the conversion rate per minute
  • Batch conversion ability – convert multiple OLM Files to Apple Mail easily in one go.

How to convert OLM to Apple Mail!

One last feature that requires its own section is the interface of “OLM Extractor Pro” that is directly responsible for how you can convert OLM to Apple Mail easily.

olm to apple mail conversion

Through constant reiteration of GUI’s and trials and errors, USL Software finished with a impressive graphical oriented interface for effortless migration. Here are the simply steps to convert OLM to Apple Mail and the only tutorial you’ll ever need.

How it Works:

  1. Launch “OLM Extractor Pro” and click on “Load”
  2. Select the OLM files to convert
  3. Check the folders to convert (use filter options to easily select the type of folders you want to convert)
  4. Check other settings (contacts and calendar conversion, read/unread emails, etc.)
  5. Hit ‘Convert’ and wait for the conversion to be over

Tutorial: How to convert OLM to Apple Mail

That’s it!

With just these few simple steps, converting OLM to Apple Mail is no more a daunting and intimidating project.
Download the free trial version now!