OST files in Outlook 2013

How to import an OST file in Outlook 2013?

What does it take to import an OST file in Outlook 2013? Try OST Extractor Pro today.

Import an OST file in Outlook 2013

A simple download of the OST Extractor Pro software will help you to recover all your OST files for Windows Outlook. You can also go for a trial version of the software if you are not quite confident on how the software will work for you. The trial versions come with a limited set of features and a restriction to be used on few folders.

If you think that you are confident enough with the software and you can work with the same you can also go ahead and purchase the software package according to your need. Once you have made the purchase you need not worry about re-subscriptions. The software comes with a one time fee where you purchased the software once and you can use the same for a lifetime.

import OST files in Outlook 2013

Try OST Extractor Pro

Download it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

Once you have downloaded the software install the same on your PC. After installing the software you can open the same and pick a file that is with the extension .ost and give the software the instruction to recover the file.

After making the choice of the OST file you will also need to specify the output format in which you want the recovery to take place. Choose the PST extension for Outlook 2013. And just hit the button Export.

Once you click on the export button all the OST files will start converting into PST files. You can see the progress on the monitor. Once all the PST files are converted they will get stored in the location that you have pre-specified.

Quick and Easy

This is how you can recover and import OST files in Outlook 2013. The software can convert all your complex data format into PST files without any kind of data loss. You get the freedom to download non-English text languages also. Which means if you have a data in the language that is not supported in the English format such data can also be downloaded easily.

The reason why the software is so preferred by so many users on the internet is that it can process almost 1 GB of data within 10 minutes. So even if you have your OST files that are large still you can convert the same in no time.

Affordable OST to PST Converter

As the software is value for money all its packages are very affordable and reasonable. There are no monthly or yearly subscription to the software. It comes with a lifetime license and with the promise to be updated whenever the company brings in a new update. So if you have a large OST file that is waiting to be converted into PST then download the OST Extractor Pro today and start your OST recovery.