How to Make OST to PST and How Not to – The Only Working Solution to Convert the Files!

If you are looking for an answer on how to make OST to PST, let me tell there are many answers out there that look like they might but unfortunately, they don’t. Today we will be talking about the solutions that you should avoid at all costs, and the solution that totally works with precision and effectiveness.

How to Make OST to PST

First of all, the terminology most users use is wrong. You cannot simply make OST to PST, such as by renaming the files. Both files are structurally different and by renaming the suffix/extension, there’s nothing no change in the files’ structure. If you try to import OST file by renaming it to PST, Outlook will give you an error.

Similarly, other manual solutions often don’t work, or if they do, they are very inefficiently, hard, and lengthy. For example: if you have a working OST file (no damage) properly connected with the Outlook and the email account it is associated with, you can simply export and archive your folders into PST file. But this doesn’t work if the OST file exists in isolation, that is, without the original email account that created it in the first place.

Therefore, plenty of situations require you to actually convert the formats thoroughly with a proper software application that runs with effective algorithms. Renaming or making OST to PST doesn’t work without data extraction and conversion.

To do this correctly, there is another problem of choosing the right converter. Ordinary free tools that apparently answers the question of how to make OST to PST are yet again sloppy and not practical solutions. They are simply file converters lacking features that are essential to the process.

So, without further ado, let us get into the real solution that always give you the best possible results. And when it comes to the conversion OST to PST, that means no data integrity loss, fast conversion, easy interface, and support for beginners.

Tool to Make OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software is the excellent tool that fits that criteria. Brought to you by the trained and experienced team of developers at USL Software, this converter is more than just a file converter, but a complete software utility package that has everything you need to get this done accurately.

how to make ost to pst

For example: you can load multiple OST files and convert them to PST. More importantly, the tool has dedicated algorithms for complex data components, like double-byte characters, email attachments, and folder hierarchy, through which you get clean and the best conversion without errors. It also maintains the accuracy of all the metadata and the details that OST files and your emails might be containing.

make ost to pst

Tutorial – How to Make OST to PST

  1. Launch ‘OST Extractor Pro’ and Click on ‘Open OST File’
  2. Browse and select an OST file
  3. Select folders, that you want to convert
  4. Choose output format
  5. Click on ‘Export’

Download and Know How to Make OST to PST

Want to know more? The best way to do that is to get started right now using the free ost to pst converter trial version. It will let you convert 10 items per folder without limiting any use of the features.

Download using the link here:

ost to pst

Get the free trial of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ and know how to make ost to pst easily.