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How to Transfer Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac in a Way that Keeps Every Detail Intact – SOLVED!

So, you have you finally switched to Outlook for Mac after being a user of Apple Mail for years? Whatever the reason may be – you found Apple Mail no longer fitting for your needs or that your organization itself decided to switch – there’s one task ahead of you that needs to be done and that is to transfer your data.

How to transfer Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac?

Transferring Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac isn’t simple or straightforward. You would wish there was an in-built feature in Outlook that can directly import data from other installed email clients on your computer or at least Mac Mail in particular. But unfortunately, there is none. Not only that, there is no file that is common in both clients, which can be used interchangeably. Mac Mail does support MBOX files for import and export, which is quite often used by many software applications. But the fact remains that Outlook Mac cannot use MBOX file either.

This situation leads to some bizarre and strange methods of email migration. And if this is your first time, all those methods may likely to be intimidating to you.

The Tool You Need

This article is going to discuss one of the most clear-cut and uncomplicated approach you can undertake regardless of your skills in this matter. The solution is to use “Mail Extractor Max”, an application from USL Software that offers a simple solution for converting data from Apple Mail into files that Outlook Mac can detect and use for importing. This format is called RGE.

Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac

Savvy users might recognise that format. It’s a format that is native to Entourage 2004/2008 email client – another one of popular email clients that is still in use today. And therefore, you can concur from that, that “Mail Extractor Max” can convert Mac Mail data to RGE files and you are free to use those files in both Outlook Mac and Entourage as well.

In fact, there are other options available to you as well in form of output formats you can pick: Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML.

In other words, “Mail Extractor Max” can be used to move Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, Windows Live Mail, and many other clients today that supports MBOX and EML format.

Accurate & Safe Conversion

“Mail Extractor Max” works on your Mac Mail files and folders in an accurate and exhaustive manner. All the details – from small metadata and headers to large file attachments and everything else in between – the tool is capable of converting all of that from Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac with precision.

It has finally freed users of their biggest concern when relocating their precious emails and other items between different email clients, which is data loss and damage to the metadata.

You don’t have to worry anymore if images, or headers, or attachments, or other components of Mac Mail database are converted to Outlook Mac/RGE files or not. You can be rest assured that there will be no errors or missing elements or gaps of any kind.

How to Transfer Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac

If you are not ready for full commitment of the paid licenses of “Mail Extractor Max” yet, you can try it from the free version that converts ten emails per folder. It’s a great way to gain trust and see how much it can help you in data migration from Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac.

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