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Import Apple Mail to Outlook Using Mail Extractor Pro

Importing Apple Mail to Outlook without even converting MBOX or EMLX files. ‘Mail Extractor Pro” is a Mac OS X compatible that lets you convert emails straight from ‘Mail’ identity folder.

Importing Apple Mail to Outlook Without Facing the Unnecessary Hassles of Converting MBOX Files

Moving away from Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows?

Or perhaps want to share a large email data with a Windows Outlook users?

How do you do that?

Usually, it is one by converting MBOX files to PST files. MBOX is a native file format for Apple Mail, but not compatible with Windows Outlook. PST is a proprietary file format for Windows Outlook, but Apple Mail can’t archive data to PST files. Which lures users to buy third party MBOX file to PST converters.

But unfortunately, that is slow, hard for basic users, and often leads to missing items in output files. This is partially the result of poorly programming converters, and partially the fault of the nature of MBOX files, or any archived files.

When data is archived into formats like MBOX, there is often some modifications (even loss in some cases) of certain information elements. So, when that file is used for conversion, obviously, the output reflects that data integrity issues. Therefore, with a good and professional file converter, you can achieve some level of preciseness but it will never be close to perfection. And besides, such professional tools would create a hole in the pockets of everyone except organizations and companies.

There’s a solution without converting MBOX to PST

And that’s where this post comes in. Not in highlighting the pain and despair of importing Apple Mail to Outlook, but in showing the light.

It comes in the form of “Mail Extractor Pro.” And, the list of what makes it the ultimate solution for the aching nature of this job is below:

  • Mail Extractor Pro” can convert MBOX files to PST with the utmost precision. Whatever information is stored in archived MBOX files, is converted to PST without changes. But that leaves out the items that weren’t even archived. For that, there is this second option:
  • The tool features an option called “Auto-load.” When choose this option, the tool proceeds and targets the ‘Mail’ folder, which is the identity folder of Apple Mail storing everything. You can even manually find this folder in users’ library.
  • The tool is built to support conversion of some form of data that was previously not viable with the convention approach involving MBOX files:
    • Convert images, metadata, headers, email attachments, and nested emails.
    • Fully convert non-English text, including languages like Japanese and Korean that need double-byte characters encoding
    • It also keeps the folder hierarchy/structure untouched.
    • It preserves read/unread email status
  • And finally, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ understands the complications of email migration. That is why it includes the option to limit your output PST file size. It will split any file that is larger than that. Smaller PST files are easier to import to Windows Outlook.

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You can still choose MBOX to PST converter, but it has never been the efficient and reliable approach. Go with the expert recommended, the first choice of thousands of users worldwide – “Mail Extractor Pro.”