Import Data from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail a 4-step conversion system

Many users do not migrate from one email client to other; but if you have ever tried to import data from Outlook 2011 to Applemail, you have an idea about the complexity and the overall density of the dynamics involved.

It is one of the most frustrating and difficult tasks in computer world, if not the impossible.

To help overcome that, many technologies, new tools, and new designs came into existence. They helped to some degree; but never resolved it completely. That means, almost all the tools failed to simplify the process of conversion.

The problem was with these migration tools, claiming to convert Outlook 2011 data into Applemail, was lacking automaticity. They involved a myriad of manual steps a user had to take to convert the data successfully. This made the task overly complex.

The problem persisted. Some big companies were able to remove some of the manual steps in the process, providing some relief; but looking at the big picture, it was a minor improvement. Nothing revolutionary.

Enter OLM Extractor Pro – a smart email migration tool for smart generation!

The headline of this article almost seems implausible to the so-called experts in this industry. A 4-step system for converting Outlook 2011 to Applemail? It seems so far-off that it almost sounds like a sorcery.

It is not.

What it is?

It is a result of years and years of small improvements, innovation to the smallest details, tweaks, and constant up-gradation on the existing system. It is a result of an intense research into the industry, frameworks, structures, and designs already in existence. The outcome is – Automaticity.

We have managed to automate a huge percentage of the process, so that a human interference is involved only at the beginning. The process, thus, got a lot simpler than what existed previously.

Want to experience that revolutionary conversion wizard, rather than reading the claims here?

To get a sneak preview, proceed by clicking this link for the free trial version. The free demo version available is not restricted to any features except – you can convert only 10 files from Outlook 2011 to Applemail from each folder.

You can download your free copy of the tool instantly without giving any personal details, credit card information, or anything at all. Install it within minutes and begin converting your files to see how it works. Matter of few clicks and you will be ready for the conversions.

If you have had some bad experiences in the past employing ordinary tools, we assure that you will be delighted to witness and be a part of the elegance and simplicity it holds.

If you are a first-timer, it will surprise you by how little you actually have to do to convert Outlook 2011 to Applemail. In addition, it may also happen that the tool, the process, and everything else go unnoticed because of the sheer simplicity and the speed of the tool, leaving you with the converted Applemail files in the end.

All the heavy, viscous, and dense technical activities happen in the background and at a lightning speed. In front, you get an interactive interface with a 4-step conversion wizard, operating which is a child’s play.

1st step – Specify the location of OLM files.

2nd step – Specify the folders you want to convert.

3rd Step – Specify the output format (As, it has many other output formats you can choose from, such as EML, EMLX, Postbox, Thunderbird, etc.)

4th Step – Click “Convert”.

That is it! Sit back and allow it to convert the files itself at a blazing fast speed. Depending on the number of files and the size of the database, it would take few minutes.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to take advantage of this radical change in Mac Outlook to Applemail conversion system…totally Risk-Free!

Do not delay another second.