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Import Mac Mail Folders to Outlook – 3 Horrible Mistakes

3 Horrible Mistakes You are Probably Making While Importing Mac Mail Folders to Outlook!

Migrating the most complex, private, and sensitive data called emails can be anxiety driven task. Same when you try to import Mac Mail folders to Outlook.

We are not here to make it worse, but we must tell you the reason it is not going well. You are probably making a few mistakes that either make the process take long or result in severe data integrity loss.

Import Mac Mail folders to Outlook

Here are top three mistakes you are making while importing Mac Mail folders to Outlook!

#1: Using EMLX to PST Converter:

EMLX is a native file for Mac Mail, but not a personal data file. You cannot use it for either re-importing, exporting, or migration. And there are few decent EMLX to PST Converters where the output PST files can be imported to Outlook. But this approach is doomed from the start. Such converters often incompletely convert data and result in many mistakes and errors in data.

#2: Using MBOX to PST Converters:

MBOX file converter are relatively better because MBOX is a personal data file made for conversions and import/export. But still, MBOX and PST files are vastly distinct from each other. The only way to do it is through a professional file converter. In the end, you would end up wanting more options and better speed and accuracy.

#3: Using an intermediary email account and syncing data through IMAP protocols

You can add an email account in both of your clients (Mac Mail and Outlook) and let the data sync itself. There are no data files required and no third-party tool. Therefore, many users think this is the best way. But if your database is huge, it can be the worst approach to data migration. It takes too long, and by the nature of time itself, has more likelihood of ending up with errors. It often does. You also need an email account that can hold up to the data size of your Mac Mail folders.

All these methods and tools told above turn out to be ineffective in the end, even if they look okay on the surface. They are not a proper way to import Mac Mail folders to Outlook because the email databases today are overly complex. A mere file converter does not get all the information there could be, resulting in damage to the vital details or metadata associated with emails.

Ultimate Way to Import Mac Mail folders to Outlook

To avoid all that, you can get “Mail Extractor Pro,” which does not work on any one of the above stated mechanisms. It can get the database of Mac Mail to PST directly from the profile folder.

Import Mac Mail Folders to Outlook

It works wonderfully. Easy interface, quick conversion, and zero data loss.

Importing Mac Mail Folders to Outlook

There is a free trial available now, able to convert ten items per folder, but has access to every other feature. It is the experts’ first choice to import Mac Mail folders to Outlook PST.