Mac Outlook to MBOX Converter

How many times it has happened that you tried to convert your OLM files into file format of your choice but couldn’t go through with the process? But no more, OM Extractor Pro is the answer to all your mail conversion worries.

Mac Outlook to MBOX Converter Tool

Many people fail to go through their mail conversion process due to lack of resources or an optimal third-party converter. Most of the Mac Outlook to MBOX Converters out there don’t live up to the expectations of the user. They fail to provide the necessary safety, accuracy and speed that is expected out of them.


There are many email converter tools out in the market that claim to be the Best Mac Outlook to MBOX Converter but fail at some point or another. These failures may also result in loss or corruption of your precious data as well.

Mac Outlook to MBOX Converter

But these are things of past. With OLM Extractor Pro, you don’t have to worry about the conversion process failing. All the factor that might cause the conversion process to fail were taken into consideration while developing the product.

Unicode Data

Many high-end features were added to the tool to ensure complete safety of your data. Conversion of Unicode data is one such feature.

OLM or you Mac Outlook file consist of different types of data. And all the non-English data forms up the Unicode content. Since it is encoded differently than all the texts and English data, therefore, it’s a bit tough to convert.

Other converters in past have failed at this very step and thus, leaving the conversion process incomplete. But OLM Extractor Pro converts all the Unicode data present in your input file and provides you with safe and complete conversion process.

Convert Mac Outlook to Many Other Formats

This Mac Outlook to MBOX Converter not only converts OLM to MBOX but also into various formats like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc. providing safe efficiency for all formats. Therefore, it’s not only the best Mac Outlook to MBOX converter but also the best Mac Outlook to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage etc. converter.

Accurate Conversion

The tool provides exceptional accuracy and precision for the conversion process. It converts all the data present in your input file down to the last bit. The output file produced is completely free of any kinds of bugs or errors.

It maintains the folder hierarchy of the input file while converting the Mac Outlook database. This makes the navigation and debugging through the output file very easy.

Easy to Use Interface

The tool provides you a very easy to use interface as well. The interface is a graphical one which helps a lot during the conversion process. The interface provides you with informative wizards give you the basic instructions that are required for the conversion process to go through smoothly.

Mac Outlook to MBOX

This helps a lot for the beginners that are just starting to learn the tool. It guides you through the conversion process making the whole experience a whole lot easier.

With a free to download OLM to MBOX converter online trial and a 24*7 helpline, OLM Extractor Pro lives up to the tag of being the Best Mac Outlook to MBOX Converter.