Making Apple Mail Import to Olm Easy

Apple Mail Import to Olm has troubled people ever since the dawn of Apple Mail and Outlook 2011. Since both email clients use different file formats for storing information, it gets difficult to convert Apple Mail Mbox files to Outlook for Mac Olm files.

This week’s twitter Q & A had me thinking about this issue.

Because there was one of my long time readers who had asked me to help him regarding this during our last week’s Q&A twitter session. His question was  –

I needed to convert all my emails and contacts from Apple Mail to Outlook 2011. I have tried various tools and methods, but none to be seem working very effectively. I and desperately need to do this quickly. It has already taken a lot of my attention to itself and no tool has given the appropriate solution.

And he is quiet an expert in computers and email related tasks, but he too had issues and concerns regarding it. He told me later personally that after trying many converters and migration tools, he was disappointed. The data got corrupted, it took a whole lot of time, and other various issues that were complicated.

It was then I realized the severity of this particular task. When he couldn’t do it, what about other regular computer users who aren’t experts? This area sure needed some solution that can be applied easily and can get efficient results. Therefore, I began looking for the ways we can do this Apple Mail import to Olm easily and accurately. It was a long search and intense test and trials on my own data. It ended with “Mail Extractor Max”.

“Mail Extractor Max” is the only tool I came across that gives what it claims to give. At first, I was a little cynical, because why not. All the other tools I tried left me clueless as what to do, were incredibly inaccurate, incomplete, and had very little amount of any useful features. Any decent tools that I found also had one or two major flaws that rendered them ineffective. So my cynicism on finding this tool was reasonable and not surprising.

Apple Mail Import to Olm

Mail Extractor Max – Convert Apple Mail to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, *mbox & *.eml file format.

But, what is surprising was how well the tool worked and how it shattered my expectations. Let me jot down few concise points in favor of this tool –

Easy Interface – The GUI is incredibly easy, that is what makes it one of the best email converters out there. The process seems fluent and natural, and any level of computer user can use it, be it a beginner or an expert.

Quick – The conversions were very, very fast. When I tried it on my own Apple Mail data, it converted 5GB of it in just 30 minutes. And I still couldn’t believe it worked that fast.

Convert into multiple format – Olm is one of the many other formats that you can convert your Apple Mail data to. The other formats include RGE, EML, Mbox, etc.

Preserve Emails properties and items – Whatever data elements were originally in Apple Mail, you will get them exactly in Olm files. Attachments, sender and receiver details, time and date, read/unread status, etc. all will be same and unmodified.

Supports Non-English content – It will also convert all text in any languages.

Preserves folder structure – While converting, it doesn’t let the folder structure get broken or lost. The complete order in which you arranged your emails inside folders will still be preserved after the conversion.

I think I have found this tool as the best way for Apple Mail Import to Olm. And I know it will work for everyone the way they have always wanted.

Download it here. The free version only lets you convert 10 items from Apple Mail to Olm from each folder. You can register for full license later.