Migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail Without all the hassles

Migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail bring with itself lot of hassles and intricacies. For a common user, all the manual steps are too much to handle. Though, one can take this route of manual migration, but cautiously.

You are here that means you certainly like to do things efficiently.

To help you efficiently migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, we have a recommendation. “OLM Extractor Pro” will give you all the necessary benefits you are looking for. It is equipped with an easy to follow wizard that could convert Outlook 2011 OLM files to Apple Mail effortlessly.

Why do you need to migrate Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail?

Either you are not happy with the corruption issues with Outlook 2011 or there are certain features in Apple Mail that are make it more attractive than Mac Outlook. Other reasons could be work related. All your machines in Office have Apple Mail installed, so you decide to move to it to facilitate work.

The most common reason why users switch to Apple Mail is that it is a default mail application for Mac computers, and thus, it is free. The other primary reason is the corruption issue very frequently observed in Mac Outlook 2011.

Whatever the reason is, “OLM Extractor Pro” can ease the anxiety of an apparently hard and tedious job of OLM to Apple Mail conversion.

Here are the incredible features you would find impressive-

A full OLM Conversion tool

If you have been using Outlook 2011 for a long time, you might have saved your OLM files for future uses. So you could anytime use that data stored in OLM files for various purposes.

OLM Extractor Pro can help you convert those OLM files not only to Apple Mail but also to other popular Mac email clients.

The following list is the full range functionality of OLM Extractor Pro

  • Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Apple Mail,
  • Outlook 2011 Address Book or iCal (for Mac)
  • Export Outlook 2011 Mac to Thunderbird,
  • Export Outlook 2011 to Postbox
  • Export Outlook 2011 to Entourage
  • Convert OLM to MBOX files
  • Convert OLM to EML files
  • Preserve full data integrity. The following list of data elements are most vulnerable, but OLM Extractor Pro preserves them
    • Folder hierarchy
    • Read/unread status of emails
    • Imbedded images
    • Contact photos
    • Non-English text (Unicode content)
    • Attachments
    • Metadata (to, from, subject, Cc, Bcc, time, date)
  • Batch conversion: it can convert multiple emails and other items altogether.
  • Option to select the desired folders to convert
  • Works directly on Mac

If you are tired and frustrated by the inefficient and unsafe ways of migrating Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, change those ways now. Doing little things smartly makes big differences. OLM Extractor Pro will help you focus on your main business by handling all heavy OLM conversion tasks easily; it will allow you peace of mind from risk of data loss. It will save your countess hours by the phenomenal speed of OLM conversions; so you could spend more time with family, on your hobbies, and things you love.

OLM Extractor Pro is not only a software, but a life-enriching software solution. It takes one of the ill-reputed technical tasks, and turn it into fun.

Order your copy of free trial version now. If you like what you experienced, order the full licensed version.

migrate outlook 2011 to apple mail

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