migrate PST files to EML

The way you migrate PST to EML is about to get changed for good

There are a lot of users that are trying to migrate PST files to EML every day and failing miserably. They cannot over the obstacles involved in the conversion process. They usually end up with incomplete conversion processes where the data stored in the PST database files is either corrupted, damaged or permanently lost. All of this because they are unable to find the right conversion solution that can handle all the aspects of their conversion process.

If you are also one of these users, then this article will come to your aid. It will help you find the right conversion solution for you and your data and help you overcome the problems that you have been struggling with. With the right conversion solution at your aid, you will get a PST to EML migration process that is safe, accurate and precise.

The next level solution to migrate PST to EML

It becomes very hard to pick the right solution out of all the choices present in the market. Especially in the first try. You can easily end up with a solution that is expensive and not up to the mark. This may cause you unrecoverable data loss. To avoid any such situation, you should always look at what the experts are saying.

PST Extractor Pro from USL Software is the tool that the top experts and casual users recommend. Why? The answer is simple, performances. The tool delivers consistent top-level performances that helps you with all the aspects of your conversion process. It is equipped with top quality features like high conversion accuracy, precision, safety, ease, speed and a lot more. All of these features come together very well, giving you the perfect PST to EML migration process.

migrate pst to eml

It can extract emails, contacts, calendars etc and convert PST to MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, Apple Mail etc. It works on Mac.

Migrate not only PST files to EML but a lot more

Most converter tools present in the market are single dimensional. This means that they provide you with a single file format pair option during the conversion process. They still fail to do it right.

On the other hand, this converter tool not only allows you to migrate PST to EML perfectly, but also provides you with a variety of format options to choose from. The tool provides you with the option to choose from a range of formats consisting of Thunderbird, Post-box, Apple Mail, Entourage and a lot more. Thus, you can use the same tool for multiple email accounts.

Maintain that Folder Hierarchy

Arrangement of your data files and folders play an important role in any email database. This arrangement of files and folders is like the address of a certain email or attachment or any other detail. It makes finding and working with a particular piece of information easier. When you migrate PST files to EML using a substandard conversion solution, this folder arrangement gets disrupted. The output file produced has everything jumbled up. This creates a lot of chaos post the conversion process. Fortunately for you, this converter tool retains the folder arrangement of your files during the conversion process. This makes the post conversion operations easier to carry out.

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