ost and pst data conversion

OST and PST : Ultimate Protection of your data

Data is one of the hottest topics of the current decade. From major social media platforms to your bank everything relies on data. Data loss or corruption has risen as a major concern as importance of data has increased.

Protecting your data should be your prime choice. Email plays a major role in exchange of data.

To keep you data safe during migrating from one account to another is the first priority. Outlook deals with this problem with the help of data files. OST and PST are the two data files it majorly works with.

The OST and PST data file

OST files store all the textual data in the emails and rest of the data like attachments etc are stored in the PST file. These files make the transition easy and safe. But there is a problem with this approach.

OST and PST are different on basic structural level. The data stored in them is also different. OST fie works internally with Outlook. Data is automatically stored in the OST file as soon as you login into the Outlook server.

PST is more manually operated. It is the file that is compatible with Outlook, whereas OST is not. Due to this reason the work done in the OST file needs to be converted into PST before uploading onto the Outlook server.

But the conversion process is very hard and tricky to perform. The process deals with your sensitive data, so if anything goes wrong, you may end up corrupting or damaging your data.

Without professional help, you may get stuck on the conversion process without any end in sight. And by any chance the process gets completed; the output file may not be what you desire.

Best tool to converting OST and PST

OST Extractor Pro is the best professional help you can get. The tool is the best OST to PST converter in the market. It is a product from the house of USL Software, the leaders in email solution.

ost and pst

The tool has every feature you can wish in a conversion tool. OST Extractor Pro has an exceptional conversion rate and accuracy with an easy to use interface. Plus, it is platform independent, supports bulk conversion and a lot more. Let’s see some of the features in detail.

The algorithm the tool runs on is exceptionally strong. It converts even corrupted or damaged OST files. The conversion accuracy of the algorithm is unmatchable. It converts each and every byte present in the input file.

ost and pst data file

The integrity of data is also maintained by the tool. This makes the output file an exact replica of the input file. The folder hierarchy and structure is exactly similar. This makes the navigation and debugging of the output file very easy.

The tool supports bulk conversion as well. You can select multiple files at once and then convert all of them with a single click of a button. Speed and accuracy of conversion are not compromised on any front due to number of files.

Get it to convert OST and PST

The other exquisite feature of the tool is its interface. The interface of the tool makes the usage of tool very comfortable and easy. All the unnecessary features and complexities are hidden from the user. A simple point and click interface makes it all very easy. This provides a comfortable environment to the user for operating the tool.

MS Outlook OST and PST

The tool is a multi platform one, the best ost extractor for both Windows and Mac. This provides you with a familiar option on both the operating systems. With an amazing helpline and free to download trial, OST Extractor Pro is a must try. So download your trial today and get started.