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OST to PST Converter for Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016 and others

Microsoft Outlook, a family of more than 1 billion users runs on two wheels, OST and PST. Don’t get confused. Microsoft hasn’t launched a car named Outlook and has certainly not named its wheels OST and PST. Every Outlook user is familiar with these two terms mentioned above. Not only are they familiar with the words but also the problems that come with it.

OST to PST Converter for Outlook 2019

Offline Storage Table or OST is a file that is automatically downloaded on your hard drive by Outlook once you login into the online server. The motive behind this step taken by Outlook is to provide you with all the important data regarding your email service in an offline environment.

You can manipulate, manage and synchronize data in the OST file at your wish and will without having to connect to an online network. All the updated work gets stored in your OST file and is reflected onto the server once it is imported into Outlook. But that is not as easy as it sounds.

PST is the acronym for Personal Storage Table. PST files are the very first type of file extension provided by Outlook. So when you try to import an OST file directly onto the server you’ll receive an error message from Outlook but if you do so with PST, it’ll happily accept it. So the Question arises how to convert OST files into PST?

Its manual approach scares even the best of professional, so you can imagine how hard it is. But by the courtesy of USL software you can do this daunting task with ease and comfort.

Best OST to PST Converter for Outlook 2019

OST EXTRACTOR PRO is nothing short of a blessing when it comes to OST to PST converter for Outlook 2019. This tool from USL software is an all round solution for any and all problems regarding OST to PST conversion.

OST to PST Converter for Outlook 2019

OST EXTRACTOR PRO provides the user with an easy to work with user interface that reduces the user’s obstacles in achieving the ultimate goal for which he/she downloaded this tool, i.e. the conversion of OST to PST file.

A regular user of Outlook needs to do this hectic task of conversion of files from OST to PST countless number of times, so OST EXTRACTOR PRO took your this problem into consideration and used such top of the line algorithms that provide you with a 100% successful conversion rate.

convert ost to pst outlook 2019

Yes a 100% guaranteed successful conversion rate and not only for the first 10 or 20 files, NO, the user can convert any number of files without failing and with the highest accuracy rate there can be.

OST EXTRACTOR PRO promises to keep your data safe and secure and does deliver handsomely on that promise, by maintaining the integrity of your data. All of your data is converted without even modifying even a single bit of data.

Get OST to PST Converter for Outlook 2019

There may be many tools out there promising you to convert OST to PST Outlook 2019 for Windows or MAC but for both, there may be none. Even if you find one, still you can’t find one with the accuracy and security that of OST EXTRACTOR PRO.

So what are you waiting for, Go download the FREE trial today and get a taste of perfection.