Outlook 2011 Mac Export to Mbox – Take The Easy Road

There is a road that is weary and long for Outlook 2011 Mac Export to Mbox. It looks like a smooth ride, but it is not. What people suggest is to drag your email folders from Outlook 2011 into the desktop, and they will turn into Mbox files. The problem is that you have to do it for each individual folder one by one. And you can’t convert contacts and calendar data this way.

Even if you just want to convert emails, and you have the time to drag each folder separately, the another issue still haunts the whole process – incomplete conversion of data. That means, the following list of items/information do not get properly transferred into Mbox files.

  • Email Attachments
  • Embedded images
  • Folder structure
  • Non-English text
  • Email details like sender and receiver Ids, subject, Bcc, Cc, etc.
  • Nested Messages

Apart from this, there are many other discrepancies found in data converted through drag and drop method. People report that their folders come out empty, text is broken, etc.

So it always a nasty road to take. If your database is small and there are just one or two email folders that you wish to convert to Mbox, then I guess it is fine, but this road should always be taken with caution, and that it may lead to places you wanted to go.

Enough about that. Let’s now switch to focus where do you want to go and which road is the best. I am sure any user who wants Outlook 2011 Mac exported to Mbox, have these few things in his or her mind –

  • Easy and painless
  • Quick
  • complete and thorough migration (no missing data items/information)
  • No data integrity issues

If you feel the same way, if you want to do the conversion with the same way, the only thing I can suggest is to buy a professional third party software. It becomes more important if there are countless folders that need to be converted to Mbox.

“Olm Extractor Pro” is the one that does this very effectively. I have advocated this tool a lot in past, and it never seems to dissatisfy. It’s easy, quick, and accurate; these are the qualities that should be there in any email migration tool, not just for Outlook 2011 Mac Export to Mbox.

Besides, it also contains some additional functions that can make the whole task very effective. Like conversion for contacts and calendar data into Vcf and Ics file. It also lets you convert Olm files to formats other than Mbox. Simply choose the one that you want from the list of output formats, includes Eml, Thunderbird, Postbox, etc. That’s why the name is “Olm Extractor Pro” and not “Olm to Mbox Extractor Pro”. Because it is a full conversion tool for all your Outlook 2011 conversion needs.

I personally believe this is the best way to go about email migration of Outlook 2011. This is the road that you should take, if you are not willing to struggle and frustrate yourself with inefficient and half-measured solutions.

You can download its limited edition for free. Here’s the link (http://www.uslsoftware.com/olm-to-mbox-converter-for-mac/). If you found it good enough, register for full license.