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Mail Extractor Pro – A Brilliant Apple Mail to PST Converter that dissolves all Complications of Such Migration Tasks! Convert and migrate your emails quickly, safely, and without complications.


.Find out what makes ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ the most brilliant Apple Mail to PST converter that has ended the frustrations and challenges faced by users during Apple Mail email migration tasks.

Why Apple Mail to Outlook Export is difficult?

Migrating email data across different software like Mac Mail and Outlook is not simple. It is not like copying and pasting media files. The format used for storing emailing-related information (and contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and other items), are often not standardized across the industry and platforms. The format used by Mac Mail is not the format used by Outlook. This incompatibility and lack of standardization makes it a complicated job to move the contents across.

Why is Apple Mail to PST Converter a solution?

The only way to move beyond the restriction imposed by the technical shortcomings of each emailing software is to convert the files storing the data in such a way that the other client can understand the new format. In this case, it means, by converting Apple Mail to PST, you can move the data to Outlook client because it can understand the PST format.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that there are manual ways too that can get the emails transferred. Like using an IMAP based email account to sync data to servers and then back to the client from the servers. However, this method and other manual methods are not worth discussing as most of the time they fail, and that too after wasting a lot of time. Only a professional Apple Mail to PST converter is the viable option you have.

The Best Apple Mail to PST Converter

Knowing that by converting data from Apple Mail to PST format is the best solution is not enough. Because you need a third-party converter to do so. Changing formats is not like merely renaming the extensions manually. A converter first extracts the information from a complex structure of Apple Mail files and then implement all that into a very dissimilarly structured file called PST. This process is complicated and only a well-developed software with precise algorithms can pull it off successfully.

This is where “Mail Extractor Pro” comes in. It is developed by USL Software, the company with decades of experience with email migration software and solutions.

Apple Mail to PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro’ contains all that that makes an Apple Mail to PST converter practical, efficient, and safe. From interface to inner algorithms, from speed to stability, from advanced options to simplicity – it has it all.

The tool finally ends the common problems many are concerned with during email migration. It will not let the folder hierarchy be damaged or modified. It also keeps your non-English text characters safe with the help of native Unicode support. The tool brings a much-needed option for splitting large PST files. So that you can avoid oversized files that are hard to import. There is also support for converting large sized attachments, graphical information, header info, and more.

Try it today!

In conclusion, “Mail Extractor Pro” is simply a brilliant Apple Mail to PST converter. It hits the mark on all the right spots. It is the simplest yet most efficient way to move all your emails from Mail client in Mac OS X to Outlook in Mac and Windows.

Try the free version to see all the action personally. You can check it out in much more depth.

Convert Apple Mail to PST

There is a technical support of USL Software available through day and night (via email and chat, and TeamViewer) to help you out in case you need any.


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