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MBOX to PST Converter tool  from USL Software with amazing features that not only makes the job easier for you but also a lot more productive and efficient. Get started with the demo version today and see it for yourself.


USL Software brings to you an MBOX to PST converter tool– called “Mail Extractor Pro” – that is armed with powerful conversion algorithms and excellent features, finally making it possible for even the basic home users and non-experienced users to migrate their data like an IT professional would. The simple interface to complement its smart features add a dimension to the tool that is otherwise unlikely to get with any other application in the similar category.

mbox to pst converter tool

Why Need a Third-Party Professional MBOX to PST Converter tool?

Despite MBOX being a standard email file and PST too being a common email file, both are not interchangeable. And unfortunately, there is no way to get the data in MBOX to Outlook client other than converting it to PST file. PST stands for ‘Personal Storage Table’ and is a native file to Outlook developed by Microsoft, using which you can import data to the client.

Technically, there are other manual approaches to migrating email data without converting data files using a converter app, but they are almost impractical in any real-world scenario. Especially today, when even a basic user has hundreds of emails coming to the inbox per week, manually transferring the data across different email clients can become too cumbersome to  handle.

To safely and efficiently manage the data export, you need a professional MBOX to PST converter tool.

What are common obstacles with Basic MBOX to PST Converter tools?

Email files like MBOX and PST are not like media files such as Mp4, Mp3, or others. Clients such as Apple Mail and Outlook have come a long way since they were first introduced, and so have the email providers and servers. This all makes such data files complex and rich in data. While all of this has made emailing platforms too efficient and powerful, it also makes migrating the same data files difficult, especially if the tools for conversion do not take into account all the data the files can store.

Common issues you will find with ordinary MBOX to PST converter tools

  • Inadequate means to process all the content from MBOX to PST, resulting in errors and incongruencies.
  • Missing or broken images embedded with the email bodies
  • Partial conversion of large files as attachments
  • Integrity loss
  • Lots of errors with text formatting (like font style, bold, color, etc.)
  • Many ordinary converters do not handle MIME content correctly
  • Conversion of Unicode (all languages) content is also very tricky
  • Takes too much time to convert
  • No option to control the size of output PST file
  • Not compatible with all versions of MBOX and PST/Outlook
  • No support for multiple MBOX files conversion at once
  • No technical support

“Mail Extractor Pro” – The Definitive MBOX Converter tool You Were Looking for!

mbox to pst converter

Consider the list of problems given above related to MBOX to PST conversion with ordinary tools. That’s why even the experts can shy away from email migration related tasks, because it can get cumbersome and difficult to handle. But “Mail Extractor Pro” brings an end to all that issues. Not only that, it also offers many more new and useful features that were previously not available with any software of such kind (such as autoloading of Apple Mail and Thunderbird) and Unicode text conversion support.

Read more: https://www.mailextractorpro.com/mbox-to-pst-converter-free/

mbox to pst conversion

If you wanted an efficient and safe MBOX to PST Converter tool, get “Mail Extractor Pro” without a second thought. It truly sets the new standard for email converter tools and will make your job of converting data a breeze.


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