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The only OST to PST converter tool that is exempt from the task’s usual challenges and complications. You get a straightforward and clear path towards file conversion, which also delivers accurate output with no errors in data fidelity.

The OST to PST Converter Tool aka ‘OST Extractor Pro‘.

What can it convert?

  1. Convert OST to Outlook PST file (*.pst)
  2. Convert OST to Apple Mail, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)
  3. Convert OST to Mozilla Thunderbird, *.ics, *.vcf
  4. Convert OST to Postbox, *.ics, *.vcf
  5. Convert OST to *.mbox, *.ics, *,vcf
  6. Convert OST to *.eml, *.ics, *.vcf


.An OST to PST converter tool is a very crucial type of a software, tasked with a complicated and often time-consuming process of data extraction. Since both files have different structure and data patterns despite being a variant of the same data-file. The converter tool needs to employ specific and precise algorithms. Many traditional tools do not have such capabilities. They built without considering the complexity of modern day email files and what they can contain.

Take a look at your emails from any software; you will notice that they contain more than just words and text. It was decades ago when emails meant solely text transmitted across networks and email accounts. But what we have today is a highly complication, rich, and information packed mode of communication. There is a lot that we can do with the email clients and emails.

Email clients like Outlook are also technically called information client. Because managing the emailing needs is no more the only feature they have. You can store contacts, create reminders, add meetings and tasks, store notes, create distribution lists from the contacts, manage address book more efficiently, and so on.

OST to PST Converter Tool

This is the reason why many OST to PST converter tools fail to convert every component of the files accurately. They will often end up with what’s called data integrity error. Some tools may be able to convert everything but then they too fail to hold the structure and the fidelity of certain components together.

Folder hierarchy is also hard to keep from getting mess up. Graphics embedded within emails frequently lose their properties and dimensions. Unicode text especially from the headers are also damaged. Attachments that are not textual (like .txt, .docx, .etc) and are very large are skipped with ordinary OST to PST converter tools.

Such gaps in output files can lead to devastating results, both in work related migration or for a personal home user. Because email database is hardly a trivial collection of information. You might be storing some of the most crucial information with your Outlook database (which is now in OST files), ranging from sensitive business contacts to very personal photos. Not being able convert all of that to PST is a big problem, and worse, not being able to such errors after conversion is a nightmare.

It has been noted many times that people assume that everything is converted with precision, and then they continue deleting their original OST files. Or, after a while, they might not even have access to the original OST files (such as when leaving an organization). Or, you might not be in contact any more with the administrator who used to have access with your original files in an IT department.

In short, an ordinary OST to PST converter tool is without considering these challenges is not a wise choice to go with.

Here’s what you are looking for.

OST Extractor Pro is a Mac and Windows utility with full capabilities of keeping the data integrity safe. The powerful and precise algorithms make sure nothing will skip and what you will get in the end is exact copy of the original files. Finely tuned core of “OST Extractor Pro” works in layers and manages to compute the email data meticulously. It also includes the architecture of the database.

ost to pst converter

You will never again experience an incomplete form of OST to PST conversion if you go with OST Extractor Pro. It’s the sole utility in this category that is exempt from all the usual complications of the job.

The next few passages are slightly out of the scope of this post because they talk about some of the other aspects of the tool. Because, a software is in many ways a package of services that need to offer a clear path for the end users to get to their destination without any issues. And to get that, a software tool must have no loose ends. USL Software knows this better than any other. And therefore, has come forward with creative solutions to all the other departments.

ost to pst converter tool


The way you interact with OST Extractor Pro is a big feature in its own right. The interface that allows users to apply the features at appropriate times and go with the process systematically. It works for everyone regardless of the skill set and experience.

Multiple Options:

Many otherwise decent OST to PST converter tools can be very rigid and inflexible in the way that they work. It is to be expected because the task is already complex enough; adding multiple options can be tough. However, ‘OST Extractor Pro’ executes this balance perfectly, offering you control over the output. This will not be compromising with its full power.

Speed with stability:

You will surprise to see how fast it works and without any issues such as freezing. The tool keeps the speed of conversion steady, helping you save your precious time. After all, a software’s most primal purpose is to help us with productivity.


USL Software support can be reached any time of the year, day or night. The support team prompts to reply and stay with your case until it completely resolves to the fullest of your satisfaction. The staff will support live with TeamViewer assistance to aid in your conversion more directly. This adds a whole new dimension to the effectiveness of the converter beyond any other ordinary software, exclusively in a more professional scenario, like with an IT department of a large corporation.

ost to pst

Get free trial of the OST to PST Converter Tool

There is a free demo edition that you can get if you are not willing to directly jump into the full licensed edition. You can further probe into all of its functions, interface, and how the tool works with your specific OST files. There is no time limit, so you do not need to be in a hurry. The trial mode works with ten emails per folder. There will no lock or disable features other than that. It will be giving you a more open and honest idea of the entire tool’s potential.

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  1. Lonnie Alvarez

    The best OST to PST converter tool in the market. OST Extractor Pro is the only tool that works on both Mac & Windows and you can also convert OST file to many other file format,

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