Thunderbird to PST Converter Tool


Mail Extractor Pro – The Thunderbird to PST Converter for a clean and flawless migration to Outlook in both Mac and Windows. Find out why this tool works so effectively with advanced options, where other similar tools fail to even deliver basic conversion.


Thunderbird to PST converter is used when you need to migrate the emails from Thunderbird to Outlook client in either Mac or Windows platform because Outlook supports PST file for import.

Thunderbird to PST Converter Tool

Such a converter interacts with the emails in Thunderbird database or files and extracts the information into new PST format. And the converter does so in a way that the structure of emails and other data components are also protected. This is a process that might sound simple on the surface. But only a well-designed converter with powerful inner framework and features that are practical can deliver the results and experience you want.

There is no shortage of Thunderbird to PST converter online. But there is a shortage of the one that work efficiently.

Most of them lack either one or more important features that impacts your experience negatively or can make the entire task unbearable. Email migration is otherwise simple but it requires a precise tool that can facilitate and aid the process nicely without any irregularities. Otherwise, the result could be filled with errors and the data integrity may get compromised.

Not to mention, there is also the time factor which many users of modern-day care about. Everything is moving towards higher productivity. Why not email migration, and specifically, why not Thunderbird to PST converters?

If you too are the kind of a user that wants a clean and precise conversion of all Thunderbird emails to PST files and wants to do it quickly, you are going to like what follows below.

It’s about the finest Thunderbird to PST converter. It finally resolves previous issues seen with the tools in the category and brings to you an excellent way of export your precious data to Outlook Mac or Windows.

The Thunderbird to PST Converter Works On Mac

This Thunderbird to PST converter is called ‘Mail Extractor Pro,’ and you can download it below. The link offered here is for the free version, which has all the features that a licensed version does, except it only converts up to ten emails per folder.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

It has free trial version to let users be sure of its potential and value while migrating Thunderbird data. If you want to know more, you can read all that you want about a software tool but it still won’t be enough compared to directly using it.

  • It works flawlessly on Mac OS X and has minimal resource consumption
  • It allows for large database conversion without stability issues
  • The tool is completely standalone and desktop-based (works even without internet)
  • The direct Autoload feature can convert from Thunderbird Profile/Identity without requiring any manual loading of files
  • Native Unicode conversion support from email text and from email headers as well
  • 24 x 7 Support offered via email and chat. In special cases, you can also ask a support staff to help you directly via TeamViewer.

Thunderbird to pst converter tool

Get it today

Download “Mail Extractor Pro” and find out what all features. It offers that has made it into the finest Thunderbird to PST converter today. In fact the only way to flawlessly and cleanly migrate Thunderbird to PST completely error-free.

Thunderbird to PST

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