Switch from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail and Export Data Comfortably

Switch from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

Changing services can be a real pain. Changing your email client is one such tricky job that you may have to perform out of necessity. This article deals with the switching from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail and how you can also migrate your data to your new Mail client.

So, it is not that hard to start using a new email client. Mac Mail comes pre-installed with all Mac OS computers. Simply launch it, add your email information, and it will start syncing your content from the email servers.

The problem is with the large databases. It may take a lot of time for the Mac Mail to download all those emails with the attachments and images to the computer. Yes, the IMAP based method can sync emails in real time, but for the older emails, you have to download it all. This can take time and a lot of your internet bandwidth. However, one may be content with this issue.

The bigger problem, however, is with the locally stored databases in Mac Outlook.

What is locally stored data? Many users delete data from servers and keep it locally on computer to clean up space from the servers. In Outlook, this can be done by archiving your emails to OLM files. If you have done so in the past, you are now have to face problems in getting this file over to the Mac Mail.

Syncing these OLM files back to an email server isn’t a feasible option. First of all, there may not be that much space (after-all, you archived data to save up space). To sync all of it, you may have to create multiple dummy email accounts.

The entire process can become too twisted for it to work out properly.

So, back to the original question – how can you switch from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail and migrate all your data successfully?

The answer is to use an excellent software solution with an inventive approach to data migration. It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro” brought to you by USL Software, and it’s main job is to convert the OLM Files to MBOX, so you can import the files that are compatible with Mac Mail containing your original data.

Switch from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

In short, the tool puts everything export OLM to Apple Mail, and then you simply import Mail Database to Mac Mail.
You can even use “OLM Extractor Pro” even if you don’t necessary have locally stored data. For example, if you used Outlook with one of your email accounts and all your data is already in Outlook, you can archive it to OLM Files and then use the tool to convert it to Mac Mail database. This will save a lot of time as compared to the manual syncing method.

For locally stored data, “OLM Extractor Pro” is the only option that you may have. It is a perfectly built tool with attention to basic home users and their skill set. USL Software took care of the interface with which a regular user can convert data and comfortably switch from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail.

That’s not to say however that the program is strictly for beginners. It’s the most powerful Outlook to Mac Mail converters that can used with large projects in corporations and enterprises. It’s extensive range of features and impressive machine logic ensures a professional standard of migration.

The tool separates itself from other traditional tools used for switching from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail. It works offline, requires no initial setup, you don’t need to add your email account (Just the OLm files), and you’re good to go.

Download the setup here and see how it all works in action. You can activate it later after fully checking out the features and UI.