Thunderbird to Outlook PST Conversion

Thunderbird to Outlook PST Tool (The Most Helpful and Creative)

A Thunderbird to Outlook PST Tool come under a complex category of software applications. Such a tool is tasked with data conversion, including emails and everything associated with them. It’s a tool designed with care and attention to the details and structure of your database, unlike ordinary tools that fail to keep with the files integrity.

Moreover, the interface makes it an appealing choice even for non-experienced users. You do not need to go in depth about the data files, databases, or what anything means in technical terms. The procedure is simplified greatly to the effect of making it intuitive and friendly with no learning curve.

This does not mean that the tool lacks any power or advanced functionality. It has some of the most sophisticated, but effective, processing algorithms that works with all kinds of Thunderbird files and the contents within them. There is native support for Unicode text, both from the email main text and from their headers. The specific algorithm for protecting the folder hierarchy is very crucial as the loss to the hierarchy can make email management a nightmare after conversion.

There are many other features like that, turning the Thunderbird to Outlook PST conversion task into a seamless one, where otherwise it has always been daunting.

Thunderbird to Outlook PST tool

Mail Extractor Pro allows for direct conversion of Thunderbird Profile, instead of asking you to manually load any files. This direct approach minimizes any chances of data loss or partial conversion that is likely from other indirect methods. It also makes the job simpler because of the elimination of many steps (like data export from Thunderbird to some file).

Thunderbird to Outlook PST Tool

Top features

Here is a list of some of the top features of Mail Extractor Pro that are appreciated the most by both home users and IT professionals:

  • Quick and simple installation without any configuration needed
  • Works totally offline
  • Intuitive UI for everyone
  • Data accuracy through smart algorithms (keeps track of images, attachments, headers, etc.)
  • Native Unicode text conversion support
  • Maps the folders from Thunderbird to Outlook PST without changes
  • Fast speed, helping you manage the productivity
  • Allows for direct autoload of Thunderbird main profile, but also lets you manually pick any backup databases if you want
  • Also converts Mac Mail and MBOX files to PST
  • Allows for splitting large PST files
  • Backed up by 24 x 7 technical support of USL Software

Mail Extractor Pro is an excellent professional app for moving all your Thunderbird content into Outlook client by giving you clean and accurate PST files. One benefit of PST file is that you can also use it with your Mac Outlook as there is native support for PST import without relying on any third-party extensions.

Thunderbird to Outlook PST Tool for Trial

You can try the Thunderbird to PST converter free download right now and find out more about it in detail. The link below takes you direct to the official download page, and you can start moving your precious emails in no time.

It works directly on Mac OS (10.6 or higher) and supports all Thunderbird versions. The output PST can also be used with any Outlook versions including Office 365 and Mac Outlook.