Transfer from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail With Zero Data Defects in Output Files

Transfer from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

Outlook 2011 quickly gained a large user base when it replaced Entourage back in 2010 as an email client for Mac users. The versatility and interface was very similar to its Windows’ counterpart, something that users have been looking forward to for a long time.

On the other hand, there is Mac Mail, another great information manager from Apple itself for all Mac computers. It comes pre-installed with OS X and therefore is free.

If you want to use both email clients, you can do so. However, to use your data stored in Mac Outlook in Mac Mail can be a bit complex for novice users. The files used by Outlook (OLM) aren’t compatible with Mac Mail, so you can’t really import them like you would import a generic email file (such as EML).

There are converter for this purpose, those that convert OLM files to MBOX, where MBOX is the native data file for Mac Mail. However, there are issues with most of these file converters.

The major issue is that they can deliver broken elements in output. This is called data integrity loss. You might observe  flaws like, the graphical items are damaged, the non-English text strings do not appear properly, email addresses are corrupt, the structure of folders is modified, the details and metadata are lost, and so on. Majority of applications fail to take care of the fidelity of your data, which negates their entire purpose. What’s the use in migrating your data if the output data isn’t clean?

Transfer Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

This was in USL’s mind when they started developing “OLM Extractor Pro.”

Transfer from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

USL Software is a major contributing software company in the sphere of email migration for as long as email clients have existed. All their previous applications have offered professional level services to users for exporting email data.

OLM Extractor Pro” is now added to that inventory. And right from the first screen, the expertise of USL Software is evident.

They have truly impressed with the primary data conversion engine that the tool posses. This takes care of the biggest problem while transferring from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail – loss of information and damage to the output files.

OLM Extractor Pro” is fully capable of converting your graphical data, email attachments, non-English text, metadata and headers details, nested messages, folder hierarchy, read/unread status of emails, and so on. No component is missed.

Secondly, there is an equal amount of dedication shown in the design of UI.

Most powerful tools have terrible user interfaces. They require a lot of manual inputs, initial configuration and setup, and proper calibration of the tool, all of which makes the job more complex. They are very unintuitive and user-hostible. “OLM Extractor Pro” was built with careful consideration to the users’ comfort and convenience in mind. Therefore, right from the first moment you start using the tool, you would know what to do. Everything flows naturally to the next step. There is no need to go through any tutorial. Just follow the intructions and the wizard will guide you to the destination.

Get free trial copy

If you are ready to try it, click here and get the installer file. Double click to being the installation, and follow the instructions.

If you are planning to import OLM to Apple Mail, then try it today.

You don’t need to activate the tool to check it out. It will work in a free trial mode that works for ten items per folder inside your OLM files. After you are satisfied with it, you can buy the license for full version.

OLM Extractor Pro – Convert OLM to Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, MBOX & EML file format.