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We have the best email converter tools for Mac and Windows for your safe and secure email conversion from one platform to another. Quick and hands free solution for email conversion.

Emails are the unescapable part of our lives now. Since the beginnings of 1990, when email first started to emerge as the popular mode of communication, we haven’t looked back. Emails have become almost obligatory for effective and fast communication. To put it into perspective, 100 billion emails are being sent and received daily and the speed of the increase of email users is not going to get slower any time soon. As a matter of fact, experts expect the number of emails sent per day to rise to 137 million by 2017.

Taking into account such popularity of email technology, it didn’t come as a surprise when the excess of third party software and tools emerged in last few years, helping users take advantage of email technology in a much more prolific manner. Those tools, we got to call them as email clients, and in some cases, ‘information managers’. Such tools offered a whole system for handling all kinds of different data, including mails, contacts, tasks, and calendar items.

Some Eminent names in the software world, such as, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla, created creative solutions for email handling and management of email data. Since then, we witnessed some of the brilliant email clients sprouting in the software world. Those are not just making the email handling tremendously easy, but also changing its face entirely, offering a holistic approach for emails and data administration.

Which brings us to the evolution of the second category of software known as – email Converter tools.

As we see the abundance of email clients, we also witness a trend where users shift or migrate from one email client to other. We are not cramped to a small space with just one service. The internet users of this century are free to move to a different service, and they have a rich number of choices to choose from. This helps them in making a better, effective and more productive life in the terms of how they deal with the emails and the other data. If one email client does not offer everything a user needs, he or she might shop around for a better client with much better suited features for him or her.

Let us take an example of a Mac user. Mac is a widely acclaimed Operating system developed by Apple. However, Windows have its own merits, unique to Mac. And thus, a need may arise when a user has to move to Windows for personal or work related reasons.

When a Mac user wants or needs to move to windows, he or she has to change the email client as well. Suppose, in Mac, one is using Mac Outlook as the email client. When moving to Windows, he or she has decided to use Windows Outlook (A completely different email client by Microsoft for Windows, but that goes by the same name- outlook).

For years, it used to be highly draining and wearisome to migrate all the data (mails, contacts, tasks, and calendar items) from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. There were no third party applications, at least none that could be used by normal people. The work was highly technical in nature and used to be done manually. That was the case for all type of email conversion, not just from Mac to Windows Outlook.

Then a relief came to light in the form of email converter tools for common users when converting their emails. These email converter tools could convert one email file format to other without burdening ourselves to go through exhausting manual process of email conversion. These email converter tools use modern technology to automate the process of email conversion, making otherwise a very notorious and hated process effortless and effective.

Which, in turn, again gave rise to not a very pleasant decision for users to make. The big question then comes, which tool can perform the email conversion with best results. It is itself a very frustrating job for first timers to search for a good email converter tool that could help them in the way expected.

Through our experience, we found out some of the reliable tools that could perform the email conversion with consistent results every time.

One of such company is USL Software, which has a reputed inventory of email converter tools, each designed for specific type of email conversion.

Below is a list of wisely selected email converter tools for your email conversion help.

PST Extractor Pro

A highly valuable email migration tool to convert PST to multiple formats, including, MBOX, EML, RGE, etc. It is a one-stop solution for all your Windows Outlook migration needs.


OLM Extractor Pro is the most distinct, effective, and powerful tool if you are switching from your Outlook 2011 for Mac to other email clients. It can convert OLM file, Outlook 2011 database file, to Applemail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mbox and EML file format safely and quickly.

Mail Extractor Pro

A comprehensive tool for email conversion relating Applemail to Windows Outlook. Convert your mails, contacts, and every single item from Applemail to Windows Outlook with effectual results.

Mail Extractor Max

A powerful tool to convert Applemail to various other email formats for Mac, including, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc. Additionally, it can convert Applemail database to EML and EMLX format as well.

Most of the common task relating to email conversion can be achieved through these tools. USL software offer them at a very affordable price. You can even download the free trial version to give it a try.

Email conversion is not as heavy job for computer users as they have made it. Through the help of professional tools, and a bit of knowledge, you can made it completely effortless.