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Having Troubles With your EML to PST conversion? Here is a tool that can help

EML is a file format that is used by many leading email clients around the globe. These clients include the likes of Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook and much more. It stores essentially all the parts of email messages. It includes the message content, sender details, recipients’ details and date of the messages. It even has the email attachments that come along with your email files.

This is all just the pros of the email format. The con is that you cannot access the data stored in it directly. Especially when you are trying out to move all the data stored in these files to PST format.  The process of moving your EML to PST format is very complicated. It requires something more than just you. This article talks about it. The best way to find out, Read on.

Mail Extractor Pro: The helping hand you need with your EML to PST conversion

Moving your data from one email file format to another requires its conversion and restructuring according to the targeted file format. Each email client prefers a certain file format for arranging and managing its user’s data. Therefore, the process of converting your data requires you to not only extract and convert the data from parent file format to targeted file format but rearrange it accordingly to match its structure. Therefore, making it impossible for you to convert your EML data to PST on your own.

You require help to get the conversion process done. And that help comes in the form of Mail Extractor Pro. It is a third-party converter tool that is offered to you by USL Software. It is the perfect conversion solution for moving your data from EML to PST. it offers you a wide range of features that make the process easier, safer and more accurate.

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Using a language other than English won’t affect your EML to PST Transfer

English was the primary and most widely used language for writing the content of email messages. It still is. But with a boost in the use of emails and new and modern features supporting different languages, use of languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc., also has drastically increased.

This has allowed the users the flexibility to use language of their choice. But it has increased the complications for EML to PST converters. These languages are stored with a different encoding scheme that becomes tough for usual solutions to handle. This conversion solution allows you to convert this double-byte character data easily. Thus, providing you with an all-round conversion process.

Interface allows anyone to use the tool

The interface of this EML to PST conversion solution allows anyone to use this tool. It is one of its most outstanding features and separates it from the rest of the crowd.

Usually the interfaces of third-party converter tools make the situation much harder than it already is. Exhibiting all the features of the tool, the interfaces of usual converter tools are overcrowded and hard to figure out. But not this one.

It provides you with a very well thought out interface. It only shows what is required for you to carry out your process. It even provides you with a step by step guide that helps you to migrate your EML data to PST easily. Thus, allowing users of all kinds to operate the tool.

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Download the free trial version of the eml converter tool now and get started with your conversion process.