convert outlook pst to thunderbird

Convert Outlook Pst to Thunderbird in Minutes

Convert Outlook PST to Thunderbird using PST Extractor Pro

The lack of solution that allows to choose particular folders for conversion is pretty annoying. But there is now a tool that work wonders in this situation. It works pretty well in any kind of Pst migration actually.

It is called “Pst Extractor Pro” and you can download it here (free trial edition). You have to pay for full license.

convert outlook pst to thunderbird


Once you load your Pst files (you can load more than one at a time) into it, it will display all the folders inside them. Now you are free to select the folders that you want to convert by ticking their corresponding check-boxes.

It is pretty simple, and this is currently the only tool that makes the task this simple. It is perfect for what you want. It has a simple GUI, fast conversion rate, and the features that can really speed things up.

Next, you mentioned your concern about data integrity and loss of data during the conversion. This tool even takes care of this issue exceptionally well. It has a deep scan technology that will scan every single bit of data/information from Pst files and convert it into Thunderbird without any corruption or unwanted changes in files. The attachments, non-English content, your images that are embedded within emails, and email properties will be converted properly.

It even supports the safe conversion of your folder structure/hierarchy. In your case, it doesn’t matter because you have only one or two folders to convert. However, if you ever decide to convert the whole database, this tool will keep the order (structure/hierarchy) of your folders same in converted Thunderbird files. That is a priceless feature that is yet to be seen with other similar tools.

Download to Convert Outlook PST to Thunderbird

Download the free trial version of “Pst Extractor Pro” here (