How to Import PST into Thunderbird When it is Not Supported in Thunderbird?

Import PST into Thunderbird Easy Way

If you are looking to import PST into Thunderbird, you might be surprised that PST format is not applicable in any client other than Outlook for Windows and Mac. So, how can one move on from Windows Outlook to Thunderbird while also exporting the old data from former to the latter.

PST is a proprietary email client by Microsoft that you can only use in Windows Outlook, or Mac Outlook. Other than these two clients, it is not of service anywhere.

For users switching to Thunderbird, or sharing Outlook data to Thunderbird, this might be an issue.

But fear not. We have a perfect solution for you to today that will let you import PST into Thunderbird even though the compatibility isn’t there. It’s not the direct importing of data, but a workaround the problem that really works all the time, quickly and efficiently.

It’s called “PST Extractor Pro.” And if it isn’t clear from the name, let me tell you what “PST Extractor Pro” does.

It extracts information from PST files, and then, you can choose which format you want to implement that extracted data. The tool allows you to choose multiple output formats, such as MBOX, Entourage, Apple Mail, EML, and also, Thunderbird. All you have to do is simply load PST files (you can do it in bulk for all your PST files), choose ‘Thunderbird’ as output, and click ‘convert.’

import pst into thunderbird

Why we recommend “PST Extractor Pro”

There are apparently many PST to Thunderbird converters. But the reason to go with ‘PST Extractor Pro’ is simple – it is the best tool in town.

Developed by USL Software, the tool has simply ended all the frustrations, challenges, and pains of email migration through feeble techniques and tools. It carries a powerful data extraction engine, with advanced functionality that you can easily use through its basic and intuitive interface.

Any other email migration company is yet to bring a novice home users close to easy and quick migration than USL. The tool doesn’t directly import PST into Thunderbird, but it doesn’t matter. It offers even a better method than if the Thunderbird could someday support PST files natively.

We have dozens of reasons to support our appreciation of ‘PST Extractor Pro.’ One of them is that it is the only tool that helps PST into Thunderbird migration through a Mac compatible tool. All other usual PST to Thunderbird converters are Windows based. This is not just a good news for Mac users, but also for everything because of the simple reason that such data extraction projects are way better in Mac environment than Windows’.

With ‘PST Extractor Pro‘, you have the privilege to convert your PST files with a lot of management option that brings plasticity to the output results as one would want. For instance, if you want to convert and save all the read and unread emails in separate folders, you can do so with this tool. You can also merge all contacts to a single VCF file and all calendar entries to a single ICS file, per folder.

You can also convert all the PST files in a batch without affecting other performance issues. There is also a complete folder preview that makes it easy to select which folders you want to convert. “PST Extractor Pro” is even fully capable of converting non-English text, something that has been a seemingly impossible task.

Many such relevant features truly streamline your entire experience of importing PST into Thunderbird.

The other ways of migrating data are filled with sloppy conversion algorithms, tedious manual steps, risk of data loss, and dozens of other pains and struggles.

PST Extractor Pro” ends all that.

Download & Read More:

You can download the setup and try the features in person through the free trial mode. It works for converting ten items per folder, but you get to see all the features stated above.

To import pst to Thunderbird, try PST Extractor Pro.