Thunderbird to PST

Mac Thunderbird to PST Converter That Can Directly Load your Thunderbird Database!

Mac Thunderbird to PST Converter

Thunderbird is an email client that is cross-platform, meaning can be used in Mac, Windows, and even in Linux. But for this post, we are focusing on Mac Thunderbird. It has a nice set of features and a friendly GUI, but there’s always one problem that it can cause.

It has no official support for migrating data to Windows Outlook. So if you recently switched to Windows PC and started using Outlook, you have a long road ahead of you trying to move Thunderbird data to Outlook.
But this post will make it shorter and easier.

Basically, what you need to do is to convert Thunderbird emails to PST files. Where PST is a file format by Microsoft compatible only with Outlook for Windows. This is only possible by third-party file converters. They require you to archive data to some files from Thunderbird and then load those files up on the tool to convert to PST files.

This is usually very chaotic process. It requires a lot of attention, experience, and skills. Even IT advanced users shy away fro this job if possible. Most Thunderbird to PST Converters are available on market are to blame for this. They do not have friendly graphical interfaces, no support for basic users, no proper feature to control certain aspects of email migration, and so on.

But we have brought to you one of the best Mac Thunderbird to PST converter that will make you thrilled! It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro” and is brought to you by USL Software.

Mac Thunderbird to PST Converter – How It Works

One of its best features is that it can auto-load your Thunderbird database without you having to manually do anything at all. Click on “Thunderbird / Postbox” under the “Load” section and you are all set! This direct approach not only makes it much easier, but also provides a higher accuracy of conversion. You can be sure that the tool won’t miss any elements like images, metadata, or attachments.

mac thunderbird to pst converter
Click on ‘Thunderbird / Postbox: Load’, to add Thunderbird Mail Database
mac thunderbird to pst converter tool
Click on “Auto Load” to auto detect your Thunderbird Mails. Once the database is loaded, click on “Convert”. That’s all.

Furthermore, USL Software also worked hard to make it fully supportive of Non-English text, especially that use double-byte characters like Chinese and similar languages. These languages use double-byte to encode a single graphical character as opposed to a single-byte for other languages. Many developers fail to incorporate support for these languages, but USL Software finally came through and provides you what you need – an absolutely safe and clean migration of all your emails regardless of language.

The interface also makes it the most favorite tool of experts. The wizard that guides you step by step is intuitive and plain. You wouldn’t need to know anything about email migration for using “Mail Extractor Pro.” Just launch and get started. Most of the features are self-explanatory.

As an additional note, “Mail Extractor Pro” can also convert Apple Mail, Postbox & MBOX files to Outlook PST files.

If you are interested, get the free trial version first before buying the full license key. Download the setup here.