PST to MBOX file Conversion – Accuracy Enhanced

PST to MBOX file Conversion

Data integrity issues are commonly observed in email migration. User generally finds the data incoherent when compared with the original database. Original order of your folders (folder hierarchy), read/unread status of mails, Metadata (to, Cc, Bcc, and Subject), images, contact photos, nested messages, etc. are some of the important part of your data that needs to be preserved.

It is also observed in PST to MBOX migration, which is for conversion of files from Windows Outlook to MBOX supporting clients.


Some background info on the file formats and WHY you need to convert PST to MBOX

MBOX is a generic term for an email file format. Many email apps (email clients) support MBOX as their storage format for the data. Industry has come to accept it as a standard email file format.

Thus, converting PST to MBOX gives you the advantage in the sense that you can use your converted files in many of the apps present in the market. Some of the most common email clients supporting MBOX format are Applemail, Thunderbird, Netscape, postbox, and Windows Live.

Therefore, if you were moving away from Windows and Window outlook, your safest bet would be to convert to MBOX.


PST Extractor Pro

PST Extractor Pro is one of the rare email migration tools that have the capability of converting PST files to MBOX with surprising high levels of accuracy.

It has a powerful capability of scanning, reading, and preserving the full data while converting. The technique employed at the core of the engine ensures the safety of all files, data, and information associated with the Windows Outlook PST files.

Preserve non-English content: non-English content in the data is actually Unicode, which is difficult to preserve during the conversion. If one sends or receives data in another language, it might be frustrating for him or her to lose those emails after the conversion.

PST Extractor Pro has a special programming that can detect Unicode content and safely converts it to PST without losing or corrupting it.

Preserve all the file attachments: These days, attaching files through emails is the most popular mode of sharing. However, during the PST to MBOX conversion, using ordinary tools, loss of attachments is very probable. PST Extractor Pro, yet again, can preserve your attachments in an impressive manner.

Full Conversion- Besides, the conversion it performs is quite comprehensive and complete. It converts not only emails, but contacts, tasks, and calendar items as well. Moreover, the conversion is safe and secure, leaving no data behind or corrupted.

Preserve read/unread status: – Have you ever noticed how frustrating it is to lose the read/unread status of the emails? It can be more frustrating when the mails are in huge quantity. PST Extractor Pro will not let that happen.It ensures the data fidelity after the conversion of PST files to Applemail, Entourage, Thunderbird, MBOX or EML.

The converted Data are almost 100% similar to your original Windows database. That means, it does not modify or delete any information or details from the original files. It protects the original folder hierarchy, imbedded images in the content of the mail, attachments, contact photos, etc.

If you are ready to switch from PST to MBOX or from Windows Outlook to other email clients we would recommend to get PST Extractor Pro as soon as possible. Go ahead and click the link below to try the free demo version –